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7 Proven Steps for How to Have a Woodland Wedding

Looking to have a storybook wedding? A woodland wedding is the perfect theme for you. We love the idea of getting wed in the great outdoors. Woodland weddings are great for an eco-friendly couple because you can use the surrounding nature as a backdrop, and tie in certain elements to your decor. You can easily enhance the beauty around you to fit your style. Woodland weddings are extremely romantic, and we are here for it. Woodland weddings are also a great option because you can still tie in another theme with them. You can go classic romantic in the woods, or even moody and bohemian. We have created the perfect guide to throwing your outdoorsy inspired event!

The Perfect Woodsy Wedding Venue

When it comes to the perfect setting for your woodland wedding, a forest or the woods are great. Imagine your ceremony spot up against a giant majestic oak tree or your guests eating at the reception underneath giant sycamore trees. The surrounding beauty alone is jaw-dropping!

There are tons of venues that are nestled within the wilderness that would be suited for your woodland wedding; you can even go scouting for the perfect location in the woods yourself.

One Southern California wedding venue we think anybody aiming for a woodland wedding would love is Sky Park Weddings located in the San Bernardino National Forest. It is truly a majestic woodland wonderland.

This venue is a perfect example of how the large trees can be incorporated into the theme and space so well. Just take a look at the photo below and see for yourself!

sky park weddings

Sky Park Weddings. Credit: Rachel Wakefield Photography

Looking for some other venue ideas? Here are some unique L.A venues and a few venues in Temecula, California.

Woodland Florals

messy wildflower bouquet for a woodland wedding

Messy Wildflower Woodland Bouquet. Credit: Catherine Coons Photography

When it comes to your florals, do not be afraid to get a little wild! I mean, you are getting married amongst nature, right? Cascading messy bouquets are perfect for a woodland inspired wedding.

Most couples are drawn towards more earthy toned color palettes with this type of wedding, but you can also incorporate some more vibrant colors are well. Fall tones or even spring tones work great year-round at a woodland wedding and add a little pop of color to the woodsy space.

We love smaller wildflowers in a woodland bouquet. Adding fillers to your bouquet such as berries or a whole lot of greenery will really give it that woodland touch. Another route to go for your bouquet is to do a dainty wildflower arrangement. This will make it look like you just picked the flowers right then and there! Talk about being one with nature.

The Perfect Woodland Accessory

indie woodland bride

Indie Woodland Bride. Credit: Pat Furey Photography

Choosing attire for your big day can be a stressful task. The great thing about a woodland wedding is that you can really go with any style of dress that you desire – it just depends on the mood you are trying to achieve.

If you are going for an earthier woodland vibe, then a bohemian, casual dress will do the trick. If you are going for a more romantic look, then a ball-gown or A-line style will definitely make you look like a princess in the forest!

Aside from the dress, we have the absolute perfect accessory that is sure to top off your woodland themed look: a classic flower crown. Flower crowns have gained a lot of popularity in the wedding fashion world because of the ongoing bohemian and rustic trends. Flower crowns are great for woodland weddings because they add to the natural element of the whole event. Not to mention they also look absolutely darling. Just look at this bride frolicking in the fields with her gorgeous crown!

The Perfect Woodland Cake

Everybody loves an awesome dessert table, and the great part about a woodland wedding is that you can really create the perfect dessert set up to go with it. We love the idea of a naked cake adorned with natural elements.

If the trendy naked cake option is not for you, a simple white or neutral tone frosting will also do. Add some berries, pine cones, moss, or twigs to really give it that woodsy romantic flare. If you are seriously trying to fully embrace the woodland vibe, opt for an adorable animal cake topper.

As for the cake stand, a wooden tree slab is perfect. You can also use a gold vintage cake stand set on a wooden accent table. Lay some beautiful greenery, pinecones or even fake antlers along the base around the table and it’ll be the dreamiest woodland dessert vignette you ever did see.

woodsy dessert table

Woodland Dessert Table. Credit: Lena Peterson Photography

Woodland Decor

Wondering how in the world you are supposed to decorate your space in the woods? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

One of our favorite woodland decor items is vintage gold mirrors. They give off that fairytale-in-the-woods kind of vibe. Not only do they look great, but they can also double as a sign. Use them as a welcome sign or even an escort chart.

critter decor for a wedding in the forest

Wood Slab & Critter Decor. Credit: Cluney Photo

One advantage of a woodland wedding is that you can easily hang decor along trees. Twinkling or bulb lights will light up the night and will truly look magical. It’ll allow your guests to celebrate “under the stars!”

When planning a woodland wedding, tree slabs are your best friend. They can be used as escort cards, flower or cake stands, be transformed into an adorable favor for your guests, and much more. Wooden arrow signs are perfect to show your guests where everything is. This gives off that outdoorsy camping and hiking feel and will tie into your theme wonderfully. Scatter moss, fake antlers, and even cute, little, plastic woodland critters around the tables and vignettes for a finishing touch.

Woodland Stationery

woodland wedding invitation examples

Woodland Invites. Credit: Gina & Ryan Photography

You want to get your guests in the adventurous woodland spirit when they receive their invite to your big day. We are such a fan of woodland themed invites and their simplicity. When it comes to your stationery, aka the invites, rsvp cards, reception information, etc., a foliage design is perfect. Whether you are designing it yourself, using a website, or having a calligrapher do it, incorporate some lovely print of greenery, twigs, branches, trees, or grasses. If that design is a little too neutral for you, add a pop of color in the writing. For a fun little touch, add some cute woodland critters on it. To finish it off, tie the invitation suite with some twine. When the photographer is getting that perfect invitation suite photo, have them lay the stationary on the ground and use the surrounding elements in the flat lay design.

Woodland Ceremony

Your ceremony area is the perfect area to tie in some natural elements. The best woodland arches we have seen are those made from driftwood and wood branches. Tie them together and decorate it with beautiful flowers, greenery, draping. The great thing about this type of arch is that you can shape it however you’d like. We love how it looks as a rounded arch. It seriously looks so magical and it will also look breathtaking in photos. It will look like you have built yourself an arch using the nature around you, which really is the goal when throwing a woodland wedding. As for seating, have your guests sit on wooden benches or even big tree stumps during the ceremony.

gorgeous driftwood arch, outdoor wedding

Driftwood Arch. Credit: Catherine Coons

We adore a magical woodland wedding and they really do look great at any time of the year. It can be tricky to find your perfect setting, but once you do you can create such a dreamy space with a great cozy vibe. It’ll be something straight out of a storybook or fairytale for sure!

Need a little help with your wedding planning? Contact us or take a look at our services to see if we may be able to help you out.

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