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Best of the Best Southern California Food Trucks to Spice up Your Wedding

Thinking about what food you want to serve at your wedding can be a very stressful decision because let’s face it, everyone loves food and some people are hard to please. We love both the classic buffet style and plated meals, but for a fun little twist, why not try one of these Southern California food trucks?

Food trucks make for easy cleanup, can be a huge money-saver, and are super trendy! There are so many different food truck catering companies, there is sure to be something every couple loves! If you are serving your main meal plated style or buffet, think about bringing in a food truck to serve dessert. It’ll add some fun to the party and is much more personalized for the guests.

1 | Tap Truck USA

Hire San Diego-based Tap Truck USA for all of your drink needs! This company was started by two friends in 2016 who wanted to combine their two favorite things: vintage American trucks and beer.

one of our favorite southern california food trucks - Tap Truck USA

’52 Chevy Panel Tap Truck. Credit: Jenna Joseph

This food vendor provides beer on the go in a collection of the coolest cars. Your guests will be impressed when they see the most rad – and maybe only – bar on wheels roll up to your wedding. Tap Truck has a variety of vehicles to choose from so you can coordinate it to the theme or vibe of your big day. Try the white ’49 Ford Panel Van to go for a more vintage vibe or the ’65 Chevy Panel Van in a bold blue color to make a statement!

This Southern California food truck offers eight different packages to choose from, along with event extras that can be added on. Their most popular wedding package, The Showcase Package, includes house blonde and IPA beers, house red and white wine, and the vintage tap truck along with bartenders to serve cocktails and other spirits. Event add-ons include a lemonade dispenser for those younger guests or ones who don’t drink, champagne service, infused water, and much more. Couples also have the option of completely customizing what comes out of the truck by providing their favorite cocktails, wine, and beer.

2 | Swoonful

cotton candy cart from swoonful

Pink Swoonful Cart. Credit: Let’s Frolic Together

As this company says, give your guests something to swoon about with some delicious cotton candy treats! This San Diego-based company will cater your wedding using only the finest organic ingredients. All of their products are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, so everyone can enjoy them.

Swoonful currently has two carts that travel all over San Diego and beyond. If you are having a whimsical wedding, this vendor is perfect for you! They designed their white cotton candy cart using a modern and elegant design – it’s perfect for a neutral color palette. Their pink cart adds a little bit of sweetness in a dainty blush shade.

Each of their carts comes with a copper arch which can be decorated however you choose, whether that be filling it with fun balloons or cascading flowers. It is bound to be the most adorable backdrop for the perfect photo op.

Maybe you’re thinking cotton candy isn’t the best dessert option for you because of the limited flavors? Well, think again! Swoonful offers 15 different flavors. From lemon rosé and mango mojito to strawberry matcha and peach Bellini, this cart has it all. You can even serve toppings such as sprinkles, Oreo cookie dust, edible glitter, and organic flowers. Or, you can create your own unique bride and groom flavor upon request. Add a little sweetness to your day of love!

3 | Dang Brother Pizza

Looking for a classic meal to serve at your wedding that everyone is sure to love? Dang Brother Pizza can do just that for you – in an awesome 1974 vintage firetruck, we might add!

There’s nothing more authentic than some good old wood-fired pizza. The Dang Brother’s pizza oven was imported all the way from Italy and carefully built into the back of the firetruck. They even have beer taps attached to the side of the truck, so your guests have something to sip on while they eat their delicious meal.

this '74 firetruck has been converted into one of the most unique southern california food trucks around

Yellow ’74 Firetruck. Credit: Dang Brother’s Pizza

This company serves classic Neapolitan thin crust pizza with dough that is made fresh daily. All of their toppings are farm-to-table and, the best part? The pizza is cooked at a whopping 800 degrees, so it’s done in 2 minutes. There is no waiting at your wedding!

Choose from their variety of flavors such as “boring cheese,” “sexy pepperoni,” “pesto chicken,” and many more. Not only do they offer pizza catering, but they can also serve appetizers, salads, and desserts. Of all of these Southern California food trucks, this one is particularly perfect for any rustic-inspired wedding.

4 | Waffles de Liege

you, too, can have a blueberry crunch (or any!) waffle at your wedding

Blueberry Crunch. Credit: Waffles De Liege

Super fitting for the quirky couple, Waffles de Liege is the first gourmet waffle truck and we are living for it. Wondering what a Liege waffle is? It is one of the two types of Belgium waffles. They are made from a nice rich dough using a key ingredient – pearl sugar. With a crispy outside and warm, soft inside, these waffles will leave your guests wanting more. Waffles de Liege only uses natural ingredients and fresh dough and prides themselves on using their own original recipe.

Their menu selection is awesome and will definitely make your mouth water! They offer eight different waffle meals on their basic menu. If you are looking for a more personalized experience, your guests are more than welcome to create their own waffle masterpiece using the toppings of their choice. Waffles de Liege travels around Orange County and Los Angeles. Of course it does! It wouldn’t be one of our favorite Southern California food trucks if it didn’t. Bring a little taste of Belgium to your wedding and wow your guests with this tasty treat!

5 | The Falafel Factory

Looking for something a little more upscale that is made from scratch using the finest ingredients? The Falafel Factory is a Mediterranean restaurant on wheels with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

the falafel factory is one of the best southern california food trucks

Falafel Truck. Credit: The Falafel Factory

The owners grew up in the Middle East and were inspired by all of the Egyptian food they ate every day. They decided to create the Falafel Factory because they found that there was a lack of Middle Eastern food options here in the States. Their menu consists of a variety of falafels, falafel salads, meat platters, wraps, fries, hummus, pitas, and rice.  Everything is made with all-natural ingredients, as well.

The Falafel Factory caters to the Los Angeles area offers three different food truck packages for your big day: the Gold Package, Platinum Package, and Exclusive Package. Each package changes based on the number of entrées and side selections you would like to provide for your guests. With the Exclusive Package, for instance, your guests will get an option to choose one of three entrees with however many sides they please.

The Falafel Factory’s goal is to help couples focus on the fun and not the food! We think this food truck would be a great option for an eclectic wedding.

6 | Hustle ‘n Dough

Last on the list of our favorite Southern California food trucks is another delectable dessert. Hustle ‘n Dough is a Los Angeles-based company providing the best donuts on wheels. And they’re paired with coffee!

Hustle ‘n Dough doesn’t believe in making the classic “pretty” donut, but one that is full of flavor. Their flavor menu changes with the seasons, making them fresh and leaving you constantly coming back to try more! Some of their flavors in the past have included Fruity Pebbles marshmallow, maple brown sugar, and chocolate sprinkles.

two amazing donuts at a wedding reception

Hustle ‘n Dough Donuts. Credit, That Lindsay Girl

This sugary donut bar is sure to be a hit once the sun goes down at your wedding. Pairing the donuts with some hot coffee to warm your guests up is the icing on the … well, donut! We love the chill vibe of this company and think they would be a great addition at a laid-back bohemian wedding.

Need a little help with your wedding planning? Contact us or take a look at our services to see if we may be able to help you out!

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