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How to Have an Elegant Gothic Wedding

Without Going Over-The-Top

So you want to have the perfect gothic wedding without creating a kitschy themed event. Wonderful! We love dark and moody events that help encapsulate the dramatic and unique couple that you are. Here are some amazing hints at how to bring some elegance to your gothic wedding without ruining the night. 

Gothic Wedding Bouquets & Centerpieces

Let’s start learning about how to have an elegant gothic wedding with some beautiful moody blooms to set the stage for your wedding. As you can see, there are lots of options of different kinds of flowers for your gothic wedding bouquet. Anemones are a popular bloom, with their bold black and white-coloring, it ties together the classic white of a traditional wedding with the trendy and dark black that most gothic brides and grooms pine for.

Deep purples and burgundies are also a great option for the couple who wants their gothic flowers to shine. Dark moonvelvet carnations, black or Picasso calla lilies, scabiosa, and burgundy orchids add drama and elegance to any dark bouquet.

Don’t forget! You guys are a unique couple, so adding non-floral elements to your bouquet and centerpieces can help add excitement to your piece. Antique broaches, dark feathers, dead or dried plants, dark branches, and black tulle or lace are beautiful accents to any gothic flower arrangement. 

gothic white wedding bouquet with lace and black fern
bride holding gothic wedding bouquet
Credit: Flowers Healthy
bride holding gothic wedding bouquet
Credit: Tyler Branch
bride holding gothic wedding bouquet

Gothic Wedding Dresses & Attire

You can’t think of a wedding without thinking of a suit or dress. So, take a peek at these incredibly unique and elegant gothic dresses and suits to help inspire your dreamy dark day!

Dramatic silhouettes, deep and rich colors, and a playful take on texture can create the unique vision for your dream dress. Naturally, when we think gothic wedding, we think black. But don’t be so tied down to that tradition. An emerald sequin gown, or a red velvet jacket paired with the perfect gothic accessories can still make an impact and be in tune with your vision.

The outfits featured here show how sexy shapes and creative cuts show off your uniqueness while still being elegant. You don’t need those clunky boots or vampire-inspired gowns to say, “gothic wedding.” You can still encapsulate classic beauty from beyond the grave.

bride in black dress and floral crown holding a wedding bouquet under a tree
Credit: Jes Workman Photography    
gorgeous blonde bride holds the arm of her groom, while wearing a jade green sequin dress
Credit: Dan O’Day    

Gothic Stationary & Name Cards

When I think of elegant gothic weddings, I think of beautiful antique calligraphy. Something that harkens to a time when novels and letters were romantically scrolled by candlelight during a stormy evening. Bram Stocker himself would fall in love with these designs.

We have featured a few different looks that play with dark color and font. Think romantic, Victorian, medieval, or baroque when creating your stationary elements. These tiny details add so much romance and drama. The invitations we highlight here have ornate filigree surrounding the hand lettered information regarding the nuptials.

A dark red and black ombre effect emphasizes the dramatic gothic feel. Hand lettered place cards are also a beautiful element to this event. You can never go too dark with these small and sophisticated details. 

gothic orange and black hand written calligraphy wedding invitation suite
gothic hand written calligraphy name tag for moody wedding table
classic modern gothic wedding name tag on napkin and black plate for wedding reception

Gothic Reception Plating

Let’s continue on and learn how to have an elegant gothic wedding table set up! A gothic wedding deserves a gothic feast! These gothic table and place settings further fulfill your dark and dreary night. We have paired classic black plates with gold and silver sunburst chargers, for those couples who want a high-end look.

For those with a bit more romance and whimsy on their mind, we have deep red menus and bowtie napkins atop mix-matched antique plates with hammered gold charges and antique crystal goblets.

To add some color to the mix, we have a blood red charger plate with matching velvet napkins for a simple and classic look. If you want to get really playful, you could tie your silverware or napkins together with dark, moody ribbons for a more romantic gothic place-setting look.

Don’t forget flatware. Antique forks and knives are a romantic twist to boring basic flatware. And for the modern couple, most rental companies offer a gorgeous matte black collection to help streamline your classy gothic look. 

green goblet, gold charger, black pate, black napkin, wedding table decor
black charger, fork and knife ties in purple bow for a gothic wedding tablescape design
black plate on gold charger on a blue linen wedding table with black and white candles for a gothic wedding
red charger plate with red napkin and black satin bowtie on a black linen table for a gothic wedding

Gothic Wedding Cakes & Desserts

Learning about an elegant gothic wedding can be complicated, but don’t skimp on the sweet details either. Let there be cake! A wedding cannot be complete without a large extravagant dessert. Here are a few looks we love. To tie together the traditional with the daring, we have paired an elegant white cake with gorgeous black fondant butterflies and roses.

For a  twist on the modern trend of deconstructed cakes, we have two different black frosted cakes; one with gorgeous anemones and foliage, and the other with a delicate antique ribbon. Again, we can play with darker colors that aren’t necessarily black.

Take a look at this one-of-a-kind purple airbrushed beauty. Creepy trees and a large fondant peony really set the mood with this gothic wedding cake. For those who’d rather have a more unique dessert than cake, can we recommend dark cupcakes with hand-made chocolate spider webs.

And don’t forget the flavor! Rich flavors like dark-forest cherry, red-velvet, or dark chocolate are the easiest ways to continue this dark gothic look for your dessert station. 

white gothic cake with black butterflies and black flower wedding cake
modern black wedding cake with flowers and gold dusting
modern gothic wedding cake with gray bow and floral accessories
cupcakes with chocolate spider web accents
black and purple floral cake for a gothic wedding
Credit: Cake Geek Magazine

Gothic Candles & Dramatic Décor

With gothic weddings, comes gothic candles. The more candles, the better. Dramatic candelabras, blood red pillars, and lots of lanterns. Take a look at how we played with different styles of candles to help inspire your dark night. Beyond the romantic illumination of candles, comes fun with furniture.

Gothic weddings should always have something black and something velvet. Here we have highlighted solid black Victorian dinner chairs, and absolutely touchable velvet lounge seating for you to become inspired. Texture, texture, texture. Cover those couches and medieval thrones with lots of lush and extravagant pillows. Bring that texture to your table with velvet, lamour, or jacquard linens.

Never skimp on the richness of your wedding by neglecting linens. Linens take up 70% of your décor’s real estate, so go big with it! Spend the money here and it’ll pay off three-fold. You can play with color by going dark and moody or accent your already dark palate with classic and chic lighter linens. There are so many different ways to make your gothic wedding a dream event. 

blue table with black chairs and black candles
red table with black runners, roses, and candles,, gothic wedding decor
luxurious purple velvet couch for a gothic wedding lounge
high end gothic wedding centerpiece with roses and florals next to black candles

Still Stuck? Let Us Help You

So you’ve learned all about how to have an elegant gothic wedding, but need more information or assistance? We here at Ivory & Lace Creative Weddings love nothing more than helping you design your perfect event. If all of this information is too overwhelming, contact one of us for a complimentary consultation to help get your gears rolling on how to attack your design. You can take a look at our services and see that we offer different design packages to help at any budget. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. We love a daring couple. 

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