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Your Guide to Bohemian Wedding Florals

Welcome to your guide to bohemian wedding florals! Brides are becoming more and more adventurous with their wedding themes and schemes (which we sure do love), and one trend we can count on staying around for a good while is the bohemian wedding.

The bohemian theme takes influence from the hippie culture, and brides are loving this idea for their big day. There are many paths that couples can take when creating this theme, whether that be beach boho, desert boho, or even boho chic. For that free-spirited and creative bride, this is beyond perfect. We love the eclectic mix of natural, earthy, and romantic vibes all wrapped up into one dreamy wedding.

One of the wonderful aspects of going all-out boho, is the endless options of unique floral arrangements. There are no limits to the textures that can be used and don’t even get us started on the colors! We have seen the most jaw-dropping bohemian bouquets in burgundy tones, neutral tones, and some drawing inspiration from the autumn season.

Everybody loves an eye-catching bouquet, and this guide is sure to inspire!

bride holding bohemian wedding florals bouquet
Boho Desert Rose Bouquet: credit, Jordan Voth

Greenery & Foliage

When it comes to designing your perfect floral arrangements and centerpieces, there are a couple of things to keep in mind in order to achieve the bohemian look. Just think, the more greenery and foliage, the better.

When it comes to designing florals, most of the focus is turned towards the actual flowers; however, the fillers are just as important. It’s all in the details! Details are the perfect way for a couple to express themselves through the design.

Some of the best go-to greenery and foliage in a bohemian bouquet are seeded eucalyptus and silver dollar eucalyptus. Not only does eucalyptus smell heavenly, it adds fullness and texture to a bouquet. It truly is the perfect filler plant. Ferns are another great option. They come in a variety of shapes, tones and sizes, making them the perfect foliage for any bohemian bride. They look great in giant cascading bouquets; you are sure to be that stand-out bride!

If you are striving for that botanical look, air plants are an excellent choice. They are minimal, low maintenance, and add so much texture to an arrangement. With so many different ones to choose from, you can’t go wrong with these beauties!

A couple of our other favorite foliage picks include ivy and rosemary. They are such dainty greenery, but oh are they pretty.

bride holding bohemian wedding florals bouquet
Boho Arragement with ferns: Credit, Alex Mari

Wild Flowers

Don’t get us wrong, traditional wedding flowers such as roses, peonies, hydrangeas and lilies are beautiful, but for the one-of-a-kind bohemian bride we encourage you to tap into your wild side!

There is something so magical about an array of wildflowers mixed with natural greenery, herbs, and grass. For a bold look, add a of king protea to your bouquet surrounded by smaller wildflowers. This South African beauty is sure to be the center of attention with its large size, mesmerizing texture and various colors. Bonus, it’s available year-round!

If you are looking to add a feminine but unique touch to your bohemian bouquet, the dahlia is an excellent option. This fall and summer bloom add a soft touch to any bouquet. Their petal design is mesmerizing. They also come in festive colors, so you are guaranteed to find one that compliments your color scheme.

Are you looking for pop of color? The craspedia is a quirky little flower from the daisy family. These look absolutely stunning in a cascading bohemian bouquet.

Think about adding a thistle to give your arrangement a little daring texture. You can easily spot these flowers from their prickly appearance. They are sure to make a powerful impression!

bride holding bohemian wedding florals bouquet
King Protea Bouquet: credit, Miranda Stokkel

Added Touches

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, we can’t forget about the finishing touches! The best part of this design aesthetic is you can go beyond boundaries and think outside the traditional, clean, and symmetrical bouquet.

Who says you can’t add feathers to your florals? We are certainly all for it, and we absolutely adore how it looks! This small detail will add a charming vintage touch, while the neutral tones of the feather represent the wild and natural mood of the bohemian wedding.

The great thing about feathers is that you can easily incorporate them into other décor elements such as centerpieces, garland, hanging décor, or even on the cake! Just imagine the possibilities. Another great touch on a bohemian arrangement is to finish it off with either a twine tie, a fun colored long flowing ribbon, or even some crochet detailing.  

Think outside the box and make it your own. Whichever arrangement you decide to go with, your bohemian florals are sure to be whimsical!

bride holding bohemian wedding florals bouquet
Feathered Bouquet: credit, Ashleigh Haase

Finding the Perfect Florist 

Once you have turned into a complete boho floral fanatic, it’s time to find the right person to execute it! Florals are an art, and there is nothing greater than seeing your vision come to life.

Finding a florist who genuinely understands your bohemian vision is essential. We’ve done some research on florists that are sure to please!

The first is Madmade Designs, located in San Marcos, California. Offering full service and a la carte floral packages, their website is a bohemian bride’s floral oasis! They are the essence of Bohemia in your guide to bohemian wedding florals. We love the array of garden flowers used and the cascading bouquets. 

bride holding bohemian wedding florals bouquet
Madmade Moody Bohemian: credit, Greg Petersen

Second on our list of floral experts is Fox and Flora. We love that they aren’t afraid to get a little wild with their arrangements!

Their work is oh so romantic and definitely swoon worthy. We love that they pride themselves in making sure your florals are not only amazing, but represent you as a person. The detailing and foliage in their arrangements are unreal and we are certain you will fall in love! They are based in sunny San Diego but will bring their amazing florals anywhere you desire. Just visit their site gallery to see their array of beautiful fresh blooms. 

bride holding bohemian wedding florals bouquet
Fox and Flora Bouquet: credit,

Another florist on our roundup is Native Poppy. I mean come on! Even the name is giving us all those bohemian vibes. They are the perfect fit to your guide on bohemian wedding florals.

Based in San Diego, this adorable little company even has a retail shop for those brides who want to see what they’re working with in person. This shop specializes in all things colorful, wild and garden inspired. They strongly believe that flowers make the world a better place and we could not agree more!

Their a la carte floral menu is awesome for brides looking to customize their wedding package. There is nothing better than a little personalization. Their bohemian inspired arrangements are so romantic and are created with the most perfect color palettes. 

bride holding bohemian wedding florals bouquet
Dessert Bohemian: credit, Cecilia Proskauer Photography

Last up on your guide to bohemian wedding florals, and certainly not least is The Flower Method. Take a look at their work and you will instantly fall in love, believe us.

Based in Los Angeles, this floral designer’s work is a true work of art. Their arrangements are bold and will leave you in a state of complete awe. If you want a very-hands on florist, this is the one for you. Working only exclusively on outdoor weddings, they will style your fantasy bohemian wedding with beautiful floral designs.

The Flower Method designs take a minimalist approach; it’s time to let the flowers speak for themselves! The most appealing aspect of their work is how greatly the colors complement each other. The bouquets are so delicate, yet so unique! It’s basically everything you want in a bohemian arrangement. 

When it comes down to it, your florals are a huge part of your wedding day. You want your bouquet to make a statement as you are walking down the aisle on your big day. Now it’s time to channel your inner bohemian goddess and start dreaming of those fantastic florals!

bride holding bohemian wedding florals bouquet
The Flower Method Yosemite: credit, Randi Kreckman 

Need Help Finding Your Perfect Bohemian Styled Florist?

So you’ve read Your Guide to Bohemian Wedding Florals but you don’t know where to start in San Diego or beyond? Contact us today at Ivory & Lace Creative Weddings, and our expert staff will help you 100% of the way. Interested in other trends? Read our blog about hot new Wedding Food Gifts and Favors!

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